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Come Along for the Ride

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Come Along for the Ride!

the Black Cats NYC are a New York City Rock n' Roll band that harkens back to a 1970's pre-gentrified lower east side. These grizzled veterans of the NYC music scene bring it Hard, Loud, & Raw.

Photo by Lynn Cappiello

Andrew Giordano (Police Line DNC; The Dragons) has been composing and performing since the mid 80's. Having been stranded in Rock n' Roll purgatory, he is back in action as a triple threat, playing both the bass and guitar as well as singing. the Black Cats NYC has reignited his passion for Rock n' Roll!

Photo by Alan Rand

Photo by Alan Rand

Francesco D'Ambrosio brings dirty, old school tone that keeps the band purring. An accomplished guitarist in his native Italy Francesco electrifies the Black Cats NYC's guitar attack.

Photo by Lynn Cappiello

Jason Reddish is an accomplished musician with a diverse musical background. He is a fixture on the Rock and Jazz scene having played with Crambone, J.A.E. Trio, Paul Wenzel, and Fuse Patrol. Jason is a hide hitter that really gets down.

One of the perks of playing in New York City is that we are fortunate to play with so many talented musicians and artists.
Ladies and Gentleman....

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