April 05, 2017: Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to theblackcatsnyc.com!!!!

Wow, it's hard to believe that it has been one year since we launched www.theblackcatsnyc.com and what a ride it has been! Just as the Black Cats NYC started out as a concept that evolved into a full fledged Rock n' Roll band, theblackcatsnyc.com started out as a tiny spark that caught fire and became the hub to everything Black Cats NYC. It has been a trial by fire and we are constantly tweaking and reworking the site to make sure it's an easy and pleasant experience for all of you to interact with the band.

One year is a milestone we look back on proudly, just getting this site off the ground was a challenge in that it was the first time we attempted something of this magnitude. We saw this through, start to finish, pretty much on our own and are happy with the final result. We will always look to improve this site and in the coming months we will try to offer fresh, exciting, and original ways for you, our fans, to connect with the band.

the Black Cats NYC offer our sincerest gratitude for your support and want to celebrate this milestone with you. After all, without you, all of this would not be possible! We look ahead to the future and as always thanks for "Coming Along for the Ride!"