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Come Along for the Ride!

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ElbaumTanner Rock n' Roll Scene Presents: 6th Annual Acousti-Punk BBQ

 ðŸš¨ðŸš¨Gig Alert!!🚨🚨
We are ecstatic to announce that will be celebrating our pal Kipp Elbaum's "Big Six-Ohhh !" ElbaumTanner Rock n' Roll Scene Presents: The "6th Annual Acoustic-Punk BBQ" Sunday August 6th at the Delancey!
Tons of Bands!, All 3 Floors!!, Food by Pinks!!! & a Whole Lotta Fun!!!!

$10 at the Door - Benefiting Shatterproof!!

the Black Cats NYC go on 11PM on the Main Floor!!!

So Come Early! Stay Late!! Passout!!! CALL IN SICK!!!!😝

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