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Come Along for the Ride!

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AHPresents: Anne Husick's Annual Libra Birthday Bash Pt. 2


We are delighted to be a part of this great event!!!!

Happy Birthday Anne!

It's MY birthday and I'll rock if I want to!! And I do!! :-)

7:30 - Gass Wild Acoustic
8:00 - No Valentine
9:00 - Black Cats NYC (featuring Libra Don BlackCat Sztabnik)
10:00 - Red Gretchen (featuring The Birthday Girl)
11:00 - Wray Cyclers (featurning Libra Jeanne 'The Machine' Carno)
12:00 - Alan Merrill

Earlier Event: September 23
Black Cat Friday Rock n' Roll Party!
Later Event: October 28
AHPresents: Gone!

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