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Come Along for the Ride!

Wednesday October 26, 2016: This Just In!!
We are ecstatic to announce that the legendary Alex "TopCat" Giordano (The Strollers) will be tickling the ivories with us this Friday October 28th 2016 at The Sidewalk NYC 94 Avenue A (Corner of A & 6th Street) for AHPresents: "Gone!" the Black Cats NYC EP/ CD release party!!!!

Come Along for the Ride and celebrate with us and our Pals!!!!
Come Early! Stay Late!! Get a Free CD!!!

Catch Black Cat NYC Fever.....It's infectious!!!!!
the Black Cats NYC/ i Gatti Neri NYC

Friday October 21, 2016: the Black Cats NYC/ i Gatti Neri NYC would like to thank our pals over at il Regno for promoting our EP/CD Release party "AHPresents: Gone!" this Friday October 28th at the Sidewalk NYC ...grazie mille fratelli!!!!!

Breaking News - Thursday October 20, 2016:

It is time!!!!

the Black Cats NYC/ i Gatti Neri NYC are pleased to announce that our debut single "She Got What I Need" from our First EP "Gone!" is now available on CDBaby!!

So "Come Along for the Ride" and check it out now!

Breaking News - Monday October 10, 2016

A HUGE shout out to the lovely and multi-talented Lynn Cappiello for her new piece in The Sound Live "Getting to Know: the Black Cats NYC"!! It's an indepth look into the band with an EXCLUSIVE, WORLD PRIEMIER, SUPER SECRET link to “She Got What I Need that will be released on October 20, 2016! "Come Along for the Ride!"

"Gone!" the Black Cats NYC's first EP Coming Soon!!!

"Come Along for the Ride!"

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